Newsletter 2012.02


Welcome to the METHOD IT Newsletter for February 2012

New Contact Details

In order to provide better service to our clients throughout Japan we have moved to new area agnostic 050 phone numbers. All current numbers will be phased out over the next month. Please call:

050-5532-9725 — for support
050-5539-8365 — for general enquiries and sales

Please also note our new office address:

Takanawa White Mansion #1006, 2-15-11 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0074, JAPAN


You can quickly update your address book by downloading the vCard (.vcf) files below.

News from the Web

iPad 3 = March 7 ?

The iPad 3 rumors are heating up on the Web. Most commonly speculated upgrades are a Retina Display, faster quad-core processor and 4G LTE compatibility. Talk of a second, smaller iPad model with a 7-8 inch screen has also surfaced again. All will hopefully be revealed at an Apple event on Wednesday March 7.

Japanese for Siri

Also rumored to make an appearance in March is an update to ‘Siri’, Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant App for iPhone 4S, adding support for Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Russian. If true, it will be interesting to see just how well it fares with the new languages, not to mention the effect on iPhone sales in Asia.

FBI vs. Dr. Evil

On January 19th, the US Justice Department and FBI seized popular file sharing site Megaupload and arrested chief employees on numerous charges including copyright infringement and racketeering. Like a scene from a movie, founder Kim Dotcom (nicknamed ‘Dr. Evil’) was apprehended at his 30-acre mansion in New Zealand, holed up in a safe room with a shotgun. Megaupload file transfers, mostly consisting of copyrighted movies and music, were said to make up to 4% of all Internet traffic at peak.

Syrian President's Email Hacked, Password was 12345

Hacking collective Anonymous gained entry to a Syrian government mail server early this month. The group managed to access president Bashar al-Assad’s account, which was ‘protected’ by ‘12345’, the #2 most insecure password after ‘password’.
Time to stop and think – just how secure is yours??