Dropbox and Google do the 2-step


As we choose to store more and more of our personal and professional data on public cloud services, it’s important to protect our files and emails from getting into the wrong hands. Both Dropbox and Google now offer ‘two-step verification’ for improved security. But what is it exactly and how do you set it up?

security_case_lockDropbox is probably the most popular cloud storage service out there, offering a free starter 2GB of space accessible using client software for Mac, Windows, Linux and all the major mobile operating systems.

Last week Dropbox announced they have upped their security by adding a new two-step verification system which prevents people from hacking in to your account even if they know or guess your username and password.

Google introduced optional two-step verification for all accounts last year and it’s ideal for blocking unauthorized access to your GMail, Documents and other Google services.

How it Works

In addition to entering your usual username/email address and password, a unique security code is either sent to your mobile phone by text message or generated by a smartphone app. You must then enter this code to complete your log in. Google offer an automated voice call option as well.

A security code is issued every time you try to log in to your account or use a new device, meaning a hacker could not log in from their computer or phone without being in possession of your phone as well.

Google also gives you the option of entering the code just once every 30 days on the same device, which really isn’t too much of a chore.

Although it sounds like a pain to get set up, it’s well worth turning on two-step verification for the extra layer of security and peace-of-mind it provides. In Google’s words – “2-step verification drastically reduces the chances of having the personal information in your Google account stolen by someone else.”

How to Set Up

METHOD IT customers using Google Apps

Please contact us if you would like to set up two-step verification on all your accounts.

Get the Smartphone App

To receive the security codes necessary for two-step verification, we recommend installing the Google Authenticator app, available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


How to activate two-step verification on Dropbox


How to activate two-step verification on Google

Google also put together this very helpful video explaining the system –