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Work from Home

Our pick of the latest and best gear for remote work in the B2B procurement shop


Moving Office?
オフィスのI Tセットアップ

Whether you’re starting from scratch in Japan or moving an existing office, we’ll arrange all your tech so that it’s up and running smoothly and stress-free.


B2B Procurement
B2B 調達

New for 2020 - The quick and easy way to kit out your Japan office. Shop the latest industry standard hardware and software with IT service addons.

  • Procurement


    METHOD IT offers procurement services to our clients to meet their regional needs and international …
  • Infrastructure | Cloud Solutions

    Infrastructure | Cloud Solutions

    METHOD IT offers bilingual IT services and solutions to companies in Japan. We adhere to …
  • Office Setups & Moves

    Office Setups & Moves

    We’ll arrange all your office tech so that it's up and running smoothly and stress-free, …

METHOD IT offers IT services and solutions to companies in Japan. We do this because we have a passion for the latest business technologies and service with a personal touch.

Japan can offer challenges and our staff aren’t just IT support, but active in Japanese society, allowing our fully integrated, bilingual specialists to navigate potential cross-cultural difficulties with support and implementations, acting as your liaison for global IT policies.