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  • How CIOs can improve talent risk management 2017/09/20
    Congratulations!  You recently landed a great new Fortune 500 CIO job, and today is your first day.You know that talent will make you or break you, so you smile when your HR business partner stops by …
  • How to overcome tech’s diversity barriers 2017/09/20
    The year is 2017 and diversity is still a problem in tech. Despite educational programs like Girls Who Code and Black Girls Code, not to mention the growing prominence of women-led conferences such as …
  • The top 5 supply chain management vendors 2017/09/19
    The supply chain management (SCM) market continues to grow with the same characters on top of the revenue lists, according to a recent report by Gartner, and will most likely stay there as legacy clie …
  • BrandPost: Is Your Cloud Approach the Right Approach? 2017/09/19
    By almost any measure, cloud computing is on a tear. Most organizations have grown comfortable with this form of computing, and many have grown passionate. Unfortunately, far too many companies are st …
  • IDG Contributor Network: When email threads can become binding agreements 2017/09/19
    It is important to be aware of how easy it is to unintentionally create a binding contract when communicating by email.Email communications are the most common form of business communication. A large …

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